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Michael Lebron moved into an East Village loft in the spring of 1976 - when they were giving them away - while attending the Cooper Union's art school. He lived there with his wife Liz, and his stepdaughter Maluca - a well regarded musician and performing artist - until moving to Newburgh in the late summer of 2018. His artwork has been shown in the U.S., Latin America and Europe, and his public art installations have led to 1st Amendment battles (Antonin Scalia is his BFF!). He has worked as an advertising creative director on many major brands, is developing a social venture and is active on environmental issues (see his :30 ad for Yoko Ono: AAF Protect Our Water). For more on his interest in music, check the blog.


Mitsy, a Japanese Spitz, was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina 5 years ago by Michael and his wife Liz. Mitsy was very stressed from her former life, but music

calmed her soul. Now she's an audiophile too (click photo): not that she had much of a choice, but she does love Vivaldi, and to the Overture of The Who's "Tommy" she howls like a wolf - harmonizing nicely with the French horns. Mitsy will give you a warm welcome.


Please visit the blog to share thoughts about hi-end audio and classic vinyl LPs. Since much of the music is about all sorts of stuff, I guess that we can use that space to talk about all sorts of stuff too.

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