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IN THE FOLLOWING SLIDE SHOW, you will find a bunch of LPs that I've picked out of my collection that I have been inclined to listen to of late. There's rock, classical, modern, folk,  jazz, blues, R&B, gospel, motown, country, country rock, Latin, tango and more.

I have had many of these LPs for a very long time. Some have a special meaning for me. Maybe they will blow your mind as well (there, I just dated myself). If you don't see anything you like here - reggae, ska, calypso, klezmer, gamelan, zydeco, cajun, country-western, bluegrass, Andean flutes, raga, santur, hip hop, whatever - you will find that there are more where these came from if you come back in a little while to see what else shows up. You may also simply ask if I have something or other:  I do have things in my collection for the sole reason that they are crowd-pleasers.


To save time and to get this thing up and running as quickly as possible, I surfed the net for the commentary that accompanies each LP in this slide show, a lot of it coming from All Music, made changes as needed, and then wrote myself what couldn't be found quickly. 

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